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Outdoor Living

Grilling: BBQ Grills & Accessories, Pellet fuels, BBQ charcoal

Sporting Goods: Coolers & Jugs, RV Products/Chemicals, Camping Appliances/Fuel, Sport/Pocket Knives, Multi-tools, Marine Accessories, Camping Accessories, Rainwear/Boots, Hunting/Shooting Accessories

Patio: Outdoor Function Furniture, Outdoor Furniture Sets/Accessories, Patio Heaters & Fireplaces, Wading Pools

Outdoor Décor: Pottery, Pool Chemicals & Maintenance Accessories, Outdoor Décor/Trend, Lawn Edging & Plant Support, Planters & Accessories, Flags, Swim Aid/Inflates/Pools, Sprinkling Cans, Composters

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Boating & RV Supplies

Point Place Home & Hardware (ONLY)

Hull Bottom Paint, Dock Line, Marine Hardware, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Marine Lighting, Boating Safety Equipment, Fishing Equipment and Supplies, Fuel Equipment and Chemicals, Pumps, Switches.

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Freshen up the look of your home. Your color schemes are one of the easiest ways to make your home look new!

PAINT SUNDRIES: Caulk/Adhesives, Tape, Paint Brushes, Paint Rollers, Drop Cloths

Paint prep & tools: Wall Repair Compounds/Fabrics, Cements/Plaster, Painter Tools/Pails/Accessories

Paint Decorating: Ladders, Solvents/Thinners, Paint/Adhesive Removers, Window Treatments

Paint: Ace Royal, Clark & Kensington, Benjamin Moore Paints, Colorant/Pods/Color Cards, National Brand Paint Products, Paint Additives, Paint Deptartments Giveaways, Specialty Paints, Coatings and Finishes

Specialty Paints: Spray Paints, Wood Finishes, Exterior Stains, Roof/Driveway Products

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Lawn & Garden

Bird/ Lawn & Garden Accessories: Bird Products, Gloves/Footwear, Wheelbarrow/Yard Carts, Petroleum Containers/Funnels, Packaged Rope/Twine, Latex Gloves, Hand Trucks & Carts, Galvanized Ware, Rope (Bulk)

Insecticides & Bagged Goods: Insecticides, Electric Bug Killers, Fogging Equipment, Rodent & Animal Control, Game/Cage Traps, Bag Products, Plant Food

Fertilizer & Weed Control: Lawn Fertilizers, Weed Control Products, Grass Seed, Sprayers/Dusters, Sweepers/Rollers/Spreaders

Ice Removal & Live Goods: Ice Removal Products, Salt-Water, AG & Pool, Concrete / Black Top, Live Goods, Plant Seeds, Hydroponics

Lawn & Garden Tools/Storage: Pruning/Grass Tools, Snow Shovels/Pushers, Rakes, Small Handle Tools, Storage Buildings, Paper Lawn-Leaf Bags, Sod & Turf Tools, Axe/Mauls/Edges, Garden Hoses, Above/Under Ground Irrigation, Hose Nozzles, Hose Fittings, Hose Reels/Hangers, Sprinkling Accessories, Hose Repair

Outdoor Power Equipment: Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Snow Blowers, Hand Held Power Equipment, Generators, Pressure Washers, Outdoor Power Equipment Accessories

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Basic Hand Tools: Hand Tools, Measuring Devices, Tool Storage

Pneumatics/Welding & Wet/Dry Vacuums: Wet/Dry Vacuums, Propane Kits/Fuel/Accessories, Compressors, Decking/Roofing Fasteners

Specialty Hand Tools: Fastening Tools, Clamps, Hammers & Hatchets

Power Tools & Accessories: Heavy-Duty Power Tools, Power Saw Blades, Safety Equipment, Consumer Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories

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Electrical Header


Electrical Accessories: Cord Sets, Flashlights, Audio/Video Accessories, Multi-Outlet Devices

Basic Electrical: Electrical Wire, Wiring Devices, Electrical Tools/Testers, Boxes/Fittings, Conduit, Circuit Protection

Electrical Fixtures: L&G Lighting, Decorative Light Fixtures, Fluorescent Fixture Accessories, Portable Work Lighting, Ceiling Fans & Accessories

Bulb & Batteries: LED Light Bulbs, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Batteries, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Security Light Bulbs, Battery Chargers

Commercial Electrical: In-Store Lighting, Tube Lamps

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Decorative Plumbing: Water Heaters, Faucets, Faucet Parts, Water Disposers/Accessories, Shower Heads, Sinks/Tubs/Toilets

Air Purification: Furnace Filters, Dryer/Bath/Range Venting, Thermostats & Controls, Heat Cable, Insulation, Ventilation & Heaters

Pipe & Water Filtration: Plastic Pipe, Water Filtration, Pipe Joint Sealants, Steel Pipe, Copper Tubing, Water Softeners, Water Coolers/Dispensers

Basic Plumbing: Plastic Fittings, Sump/Utility Pumps, Pex Fittings, Brass Fittings, Valves, Water Supply Lines, Rough Faucets

Toilet Repair & Tools: Ballcocks/Flappers, Tubular Products, Toilet Seats, Toilet Trim, Drain Cleaner Equipment, Plumbing Tools, Bath Accents & Accessories

Hearth/Heaters/Fans: Fans, Portable Electric Heaters, Home A/C & Dehumidifiers, Supplemental Heaters, Fireplaces/Stoves, Inserts, Vent Pipe/Fittings, Hearth Products & Accessories, Humidifiers & Accessories

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Hardware Header


Fastening: Keys, Drywall/Deck/Exterior Screws, Package Nails, Key Rings/Accessories, Threaded Wire/Pegboard Hooks-Box & Cards, Picture Hangers, Mater Framing Connectors, Velcro, Command Hooks, Bolts Boxed

Home Security: Home/Personal Security, Padlocks, Mailboxes/Posts, Fire Extinguishers, Safes/Security, Chain/Cable Locks

Builders Hardware: Door Locks, Door Hardware, Chain & Cable, Hinges, Garage Door Operators, Deadbolts, Cabinet Hardware, Doors & Windows, Reinforcement Hardware

Basic Hardware: Acrylic Sheeting, Screen Cloth/Shade Products, Floor Protection, Rain Diffusion, Cut Lumber/Panel, Weatherstrip & Thresholds, Molding/Craft Wood

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Automotive: Auto Maintenance Chemicals, Tarps/Tarp Straps, Motor Oil/Transmission Fluid, Towing, Lubricants/Contact Cleaners, Battery Chargers

Cleaning Header


Cleaning supplies: Household Chemicals, Mops & Brooms, Drain & Septic Treatment, Commercial Janitorial Products, First Aid Kits, Paper Goods

Housewares Header

Housewares, Impulse & Innovation

Storage & Organization: Trash Bags, Storage Containers, Plastic Trash Cans, Closet Storage/Organization, Storage Shelving Units, Shelves/Standards/Brackets

Home Housewares: Storage and Organization, Laundry Supplies, Contact/Shelf/Laminate Paper, Bathroom Accessories, Food Wrap and Bags, Shower Curtains, Pantryware, Indoor Decor

Customer Convenience: Candy/Snacks/Beverages, As Seen On TV, Dollar Day Items, Home Office, Art Supplies, Stationary Sundries, Sunglasses

Kitchen Houseware: Kitchen Appliances, Gadgets, Cookware, Bakeware, Canning Products, Vacuum Cleaners & Accessories, Personal Care Products, Thermometers, Indoor Furniture, Kitchen and Bath Scales

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Pet Supplies Header

Pet Supplies

Farm, Rural & Pet: Farm Supplies, Animal Supplies, Tractor Linkage, Agricultural Fence, Pet Food and Pet Supplies, Yard & Garden Fencing, Wire Fabric and Coils

Holiday Supplies Header

Holiday Supplies

Trim A Tree, Christmas Lighting, Parts and Hanging Supplies: Halloween, Patio Lighting, Toys Wagons, Sleds, Candles, Gifts, Bikes & Bike Accessories, Swing Sets

In-Store Services Header

In-Store Services

Screen and Window Repairs

In Store Services - Photo 1 In Store Services - Photo 2